Juice it up with Pressed Juicery

Happy Tuesday, everyone! In my New Year’s Resolutions, I mentioned that I wanted to eat more veggies and be healthier this year. It sounded so basic but it’s really important to me because I need to improve my digestion. Pressed Juicery is where I choose to get my juice when I’m too busy or just not in the mood of making any (ahhh thinking of when I have to clean the juicer after!). If you haven’t known, Pressed Juicery offers a variety of cold-pressed juice, acai bowls, plant-based, dairy-free soft serve and so much more. This time, I took my…


The Little Black Dress

Happy Friday, everyone! ^_^ I don’t wear black so often but I finally found my favorite black outfit! This black bodycon dress is so flattering! When I ordered it, I was worried it will be…

New Year’s Resolutions

2020 was such a year! Both Logan and I learned lots of valuable lessons from how to improve our life to how to improve our health. For the year of 2021, I want to make…

Austin In Last Days of 2020

I just came back from Austin yesterday and I’m so ready to celebrate the New Year. I have visited Austin many times (actually twice in just 2020) but this trip was for my sister. We…

How To Stay Extra Warm In Winter

Houston temperature below 50 means Tiffany is getting a cold. Haha does anyone get a cold and sneeze nonstop right after you feel cold a few hours, or it’s just me ? I get a…

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